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Getting To Know Me....

Greetings! If you are visiting this page, there may be some desire to get to know me. Please allow me the courtesy. My callsign is Fan Man or FM (eF-eM). Those in both my professional industries know me by this name or my former tag name "Kamikazie Stylez". Introductions aside, please see below for more information.

Trade Skills
IllustrationWeb Design
Graphic and Logo DesignPhoto Editing
Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop CS6Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6Adobe Acrobat Pro 11
Manga Studio 4.0 EXMS Office Suite 2010
Human Language Skills
English American (Native)English British (Proficient)
Chinese Mandarin (Fluent)
Japanese Formal (Proficient)
Computer Language Skills
HTML5 (Proficient) Java (Learning)
Unix/Linux (Basic)
Honors and Awards

Pending Government Release