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An Even Deeper Understanding....

I originally didn't want to do a blog until my wife suggested it. She has been with me during my initial foray into freelancing, witnessing my occasional struggle with adversity. Sometimes myself and the client do not see eye-to-eye. Initial clients have a hard time understanding me. So, for the purpose giving my clients a better understanding of myself, here is my occasional blog.

February 27th, 2013

I am nearing the end of building the foundation of this website, the second evolution of my self-advertising efforts. Yes, there is much more to come, such as content and finite tuning. In fact, this website will see a third evolution (when I have to build another website for MIT249). However, I take this website as an extension of myself, placing the same standards upon it. No website, like an individual, is perfect. Aside from the maintenance that needs to be done, there is always room for improvement. From this blog post forward, I plan to research new an innovative ideas until this site is a total representation of my artistic aptitude.

February 28th, 2013

Today myself and my wife were talking about the different prison systems between here in the United States and those that are in the United Kingdom. There is a stark difference in the quality of living between the two. For one, prisoners in the UK are entitled to private rooms with doors and blinds, recreation facilities, snacks, television, and video games. When compared with our own US facilities, it also seems as if we are heading down that same path. I, for one, am an advocate of the Japanese prison system. I will not elaborate on such here; I recommend researching it for yourself.

March 1st, 2013

Today was a typical Friday for a college student like any other. I gleefully turned in my website for MIT240 after having successfully completed Adobe's Classroom In a Book. Hopefully this website can stand well against the criticism it is subject to receive. I decided long ago to make this code easy and flexible; having it too complicated makes it difficult to change and having it simple would make it look inadequate. Oh Well, I can do nothing now but await my classmates' responses.

March 8th, 2013

So it has been a week since I first turned in my initial website draft to be reviewed by my classmates. I will not touch directly on the suggestions that they made save for but one: the original website I had before was more aesthetically pleasing than this one. The reason why I mention this is because several students, after seeing the homepage graphic, suggested a multi-color theme for the website. I laugh at the irony; I originally had my website built in this manner. Oh well, time to rebuild it to the way it was...

March 13th, 2013

Let the massive website updates begin! I spent the past two days building more content, as displayed throughout these web pages, in response to my classmates' suggestions. As I type this entry, I can't help but to reflect upon the things they have said. Some critiques were well thought out. Of course, as the deadline came closer, the reviews became significantly shortened, to the point wherein some were just outright rude. I would expect such discourtesy from clients, but not from fellow artists. Oh well, I guess these things can't be helped; the world of art is always filled with subjective "objectivity".