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The Works and Projects....

My works and projects, like any artist, are my pride and joy. Admitedly, I do not know everything; in fact, I am constantly learning and developing my skills. This humility has served me well. The belief that there is always someone better only makes me strive harder. But enough babbling. Please review the below to view some of my works.

Client Works
US Navy
Working For The Navy

Every now and then I receive a request from our very own US Navy. Their requests vary from photoshop to logo design. I have recently offered my website services to them as well. Please click on the image for a sample portfolio.

Personal Freelancing

I also accept personal freelancing opportunities from individuals and companies. I enjoy these jobs the most; it is the attempt to shape the customer's imagination into reality that I find both challenging and rewarding. Please click on the image for a sample portfolio.

Personal Projects
Project: Pandemonium
Project: Pandemonium

Project: Pandemonium are my own personal works in developing my art style. Using characters that I have conceived long ago, I keep a record of each image evolution, so that I may study and learn from my previous methods. Please click on the image for a sample portfolio.

Project: EPX-GP
Project: EPX-GP

Project: EPX-GP is my current Manga project. I am currently developing characters and creating a story board, so I will not post any works in progress on this website. However, please enjoy the concept art by clicking on the image.

About YOUR Project

There is something very important to know before we can talk about your project: I'm a really nice guy, but I am also not foolish. For example, I had a job once in which I was asked to do 100 logo concepts for 5 dollars... not going to happen. But another job wanted 13 info graphics. I gave him the last and most complicated design for free because he is a regular client. So, just like all things, everything is up to negotiation.